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Everything you Need to Know about a Rose Gold Ring

Should I Get A Rose Gold Engagement Ring
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Rose gold is generally a mixture of copper and gold, as well as some amount of zinc or silver. As the copper percentage in gold increases, so does the redness of it in most cases. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a rose gold engagement ring which exudes a deep and blush color, you would want to go for a lower karat piece. For instance, a 14 Karat rose gold piece will have a much deeper red tone compared to one made of 24 Karat gold.

Is Rose Gold Long-Lasting?

Oddly enough, this variant of gold is durable than yellow gold and even white gold. In most cases, you will find that it is less prone to wear and tear of the damaging kind compared to yellow gold. So are you thinking should I get a rose gold engagement ring? You should, especially if you are an active person. Rose gold is a good choice for such people who use hands quite a lot to do daily tasks.

Because of its inherent strength, the precious metal does not need a layer of plating such as other kinds of gold do. This means that an engagement ring made of rose gold will resist dents and scratches more than other precious metals.

Is It Hypoallergenic?

Due to the copper in gold, the metal is not hypoallergenic. Copper is often the source of most ring-related allergic reactions, but other materials in the ring may cause reactions too.

Silver, zinc, and palladium may be used in gold engagement rings, so you have to be aware of precisely which metals your lover intends to wear.

Besides, 10 Karat rose gold rings will have higher percentages of non-gold materials. At the end of the day, despite not being a hypoallergenic metal, rose gold is durable and has a soft and blush appeal.

Are Rose Gold, Red Gold, and Pink Gold Interchangeable Terms?

The terms “pink gold”, “rose gold”, and “red gold” are usually perceived to be one and the same, but these are different from one another. Copper is a key distinguishing factor.

That said, you may still see jewelry marketers using these terms interchangeably in marketing materials. If you are ever in doubts regarding the color of gold, then it is best to ask the jeweler for a photo or physical evidence of that piece you are planning to buy.

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