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The price of every diamond will depend on the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamond. A well-cut stone with good clarity will cost much more than a diamond with flaws but of the same carat weight. The availability and elegance of the cuts also affect the price of different diamond cuts.

If we consider the price of different diamond cuts at present, the round brilliant cut diamonds will be seen as topping the list of most expensive diamond cuts. Most of the brides around the world prefer to have a round brilliant diamond as the center stone of their engagement ring. Since the shape is very popular, you will be able to find many engagement rings in different designs featuring round diamonds. This popularity and demand for the stone keep it at a high price in the market.

However, it is not just the popularity of the stone, which makes the round brilliant cut the expensive cut in the diamond world. The cutting process of the diamond is very crucial in determining its price. The round cut diamonds have 58 facets cut on it. For bringing out a perfect round brilliant diamond the rough diamond has to undergo a long cutting process and this will create a loss of a large part of the rough diamond. This is the main reason for the high cost of round diamonds in the diamond market.

Even when the round brilliant cut diamonds remain to be the most expensive and most sought after diamond in the market, there are the other diamond cuts, which offer unique features at a lower price.

The princess cut diamond has a modern look while it retains the traditional settings. Unlike the round diamonds, they retain much of their original weight, thereby having a lower price in the market. The oval cut diamond is almost identical to the round cut but with an elongated shape. However, it does not have the same brilliance as in a round diamond. The radiant cut diamonds are very popular because it combines the fire of round cut and the shape and shine of emerald cut. The radiant cut diamonds are used to make radiant cut engagement rings, which are loved by brides.

There are other vintage diamond cuts like the emerald cut, Asscher cut and cushion cut which is commonly seen in the diamond market. However, the round brilliant diamonds continue to rule the industry in terms of price and popularity.

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