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What you Need to Know about the Radiant Diamond Cut

Radiant Diamond Cut
Radiant Diamond Cut Facts

With a lot of people that prefer the square shape turning to the princess cut when picking gem-studded jewelry, many of the other beautiful cuts such as the radiant, get dismissed out of hand. However, for the hardcore aficionado as well as the more perceptive consumer, there are a number of cuts worth considering, which can boost the shine of any good diamond.

The radiant diamond cut is one of the more popular shapes among discerning jewelry buyers these days. This cut has been around for no more than 40 years on the world diamond scene. In that short time, it has managed to garner a surprising.

The Origins

Back in 1977, an Austrian diamantaire came up with this cut as a way to pool the best parts of the round brilliant and the emerald cuts. Having worked for over a quarter of a century as a diamond cutter, he finally succeeded in creating a diamond cut which was capable of maximally unlocking a gem-grade stone’s shine. The long and graceful shape characteristic of the emerald cut was combined in this way with the more fiery appearance of the round brilliant. Radiant cuts were noticed for their resemblance in shape to the cushion cut, although telling the two apart was easy enough.

Best Ways to Wear Radiant Cut Diamonds

The undeniable beauty of the radiant cut diamond is in huge part due to its immense flashiness. More than one type of shape falls under this, with each suiting a different type of wear.

  • With accents: One of the main benefits of the radiant cut is that it carries a rectangular shape which eases the inclusion of accent diamonds, and steps up the beauty of that on an engagement or wedding band. With a few color customizations for the latter, it is possible to arrive at a design that leaves beholders awestruck.
  • As a solitaire: Radiant cut diamonds that appear square in shape when you first look at them shine best when set as solitaires. This can step your fashion game up to a whole new level. Even rectangular radiant cut diamonds can look wonderful when set this way, although because of their elongated shape, they suit some fingers better than others do. If you get a decently sized stone in this cut, chances are it would easily catch the eyes of half the people in the room.

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