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When it comes to diamond engagement rings, it will be mainly about women. Traditionally, men used to propose to their significant others by placing a beautiful diamond engagement ring on the left ring finger of their partners. This sparkler is defined as the symbol of their eternal love, commitment, and impending marriage. Needless to mention, it was very rare for men to flaunt diamond engagement rings in the olden days. However, things have changed drastically these days and currently diamond engagement rings for men are equally popular as that of women. In fact, most couples prefer to purchase their diamond engagement rings together nowadays. Some of the popular diamond engagement ring designs for men are given below. It is recommended for you to refer to these options if you are planning to purchase diamond engagement rings for men.

Simple diamond engagement rings

Unlike women, most men like to keep their diamond engagement rings low-key and subtle. This is ideal to complement their masculine nature and lifestyle. When it comes to simple diamond ring designs, plain radiant cut diamond engagement rings will be a great choice. Most of these designs feature a wide plain metal band that is embellished with a small radiant cut diamond at the center. Note that you may consider any diamond cuts that complement your style. It will be better to give a matte finish to the diamond ring band in this case so that the bling of the radiant cut diamond is perfectly highlighted. If you want to make the design even deep, you may choose radiant cut engagement rings with a beveled edge.

Two-tone diamond engagement rings

Some men love to stay a step ahead of fashion and tend to showcase unique fashion ideas. In such cases, two-tone diamond engagement rings will be a great choice to nail your diamond ring design. In such designs, bands of different metal choices are designed in an alternating pattern. Additionally, place a tiny diamond at the center of the ring to add some extra bling. The best metal combination that you may consider in this case is gold and silver since it will never go out of fashion. In case you are looking for something extraordinary, you may consider an aesthetic combination of rose gold and black titanium. Similarly, a platinum and rose gold diamond ring as well will be a great choice. Plus, you can easily design spinner diamond rings using two-tone styles.

Apart from these, there are many other popular diamond ring designs that you may consider for men. Some of those options include fashion diamond ring designs, classic diamond ring designs, nature-inspired diamond ring designs, etc. You can also customize a diamond ring design that complements your personality and style if you are concerned about the design going out of vogue in the future.

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