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A Brief Comparison between Cushion and Radiant Cut Diamond Rings

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
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Cushion cut and radiant cut diamond engagement rings are two of the most popular options when it comes to fancy shaped diamond rings. Most of the leading jewelry brands often feature these gemstones as their center stones. Although these two are entirely different cuts, both cushion cut and radiant cut stones feature many similarities. In fact, most diamond ring buyers may get confused when it comes to choosing between a cushion cut and a radiant cut engagement ring. The extreme similarities between the stones will surely make this debate even worse.

Actually, finding differences between these two diamond cuts will be nearly impossible for amateurs. In order to help you out with this, below is a quick comparison between both these cuts so that it will be easier for you to pick one. On a related note, you will have to do a close inspection in order to spot these features since the difference between cushion cut diamonds and radiant cut stones are not that staged. Additionally, spotting these things will be really difficult if you are about to choose already set diamond rings.


The prime difference between a cushion cut and a radiant cut diamond is with its shape. Even though both the cuts feature a rectangular silhouette, the way in which their corners are crafted is different. For radiant cut diamonds, the corners are cut to precision so that it looks more elongated. When it comes to cushion cut diamonds, you can see rounded off or softened corners. In fact, the corners of some cushion cut stones are really rounded that they look like oval diamonds.


There is no denying the fact that radiant cut stones are extremely brilliant. In fact, it got its name because of its supreme sparkle. Note that cushion cut diamonds are not as brilliant as radiant stones because of their flat facets and step cut patterns. The brilliance of antique cushion cut stones will be even poor. Rather, they tend to exhibit a mirror-like reflection. However, you will have to evaluate both the diamonds alongside one other in order to figure this out.


The cut is one of the most important factors that make every diamond unique and supremely brilliant. Note that both cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds are counted amongst the brilliant cut stones. The facets of both these diamond cuts are organized in such a way that they boost up the overall sparkle of the stone. The most prominent difference between the cut of these two stones will be with its face-up profile. It is recommended to thoroughly evaluate this feature while choosing between cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds since there are numerous variants for the former option.

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