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The cut is one of the most significant and magnificent aspects of a diamond that offer it the scintillating brilliance. In fact, this alluring sparkle is the main factor that makes a diamond stands out from other gemstones. Irrespective of how you set your diamonds, its beauty mainly depends on their interaction with the light source. This light performance, in turn, depends on the cut of your diamonds.

Note that the cut refers to the proportions, faceting pattern, symmetry, and polish of a diamond. There are around ten different diamond cuts and they are mainly categorized into brilliant cuts and step cuts. The former is designed in order to enhance the sparkle of the diamonds as the name indicates. On the other hand, step cut diamonds are characterized by their vintage appeal and eye-catchiness rather than an incredible sparkle.

If you are wondering about the cut that offers maximum luminosity, brilliant cut stones will be your way to go. This includes round cut, radiant cut, princess cut, etc. The round brilliant cut is the most popular option so far. In fact, round cut stones are engineered in a way to enhance its brilliance to the fullest.

The unique facet arrangement along with its spectacular circular shape here creates the best recipe for a stunning light performance. However, round brilliant cut diamond rings will be really expensive because of its immense popularity and sparkle.

If you cannot afford round brilliant sparklers, you may go for radiant cut engagement rings as well. Note that radiant cut stones will be ideal for achieving almost the same sparkle but at a lesser price. Without any doubts, radiant cut diamond engagement rings will be the perfect choice for budget-friendly consumers, who crave for sparklers that emit brilliant rays of light.

The main factor that affects the brilliance of a diamond is the number of facets it boasts. It will be worth noting that radiant cut stones feature 70 facets, whereas the number of facets in round brilliant cut diamonds is 58. Similarly, the way the facets are arranged also plays a significant role in enhancing the sparkle.

For supreme diamond cuts, the facets will be organized evenly with proper measurements so that the number of dark areas in the stone will be zero or minimal. This is why, round brilliant stones are more brilliant than their radiant cut counterparts are, even though the former flaunt comparatively less number of facets. Other diamond cut choices that you may consider to achieve a decent sparkle includes oval cut, marquise cut, cushion cut, pear cut, etc.

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