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Difference between Princess and Radiant Diamond Cuts

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Some people say that the two diamond cuts – radiant and princess – are very much similar given the squarish shapes of them. So if you are attempting to decide which diamond cut of the two ideally suits your diamond engagement rings, then you will have to ask a few questions, starting with the following ones.

How are These Diamonds Cut?

When you look at a princess cut diamond closely, you will notice “X” in the center of the stone. This is owing to vertically cut diamond pavilion, as well as chevron-shaped facets of it. A modern princess cut diamond typically has seventy-six facets, which previous versions had only fifty-eight facets.

A radiant cut has a slightly higher diamond crown and smaller table as opposed to that of a princess cut diamond. On a radiant cut diamond viewed from the top, there is a circular pattern, a result of facets on its pavilion, crown, and girdle.

How Different are These Two Diamonds?

A noticeable difference between them can be seen in the corners. A princess cut diamond has sharp, uncut edges, which give it a more geometric appearance. The true radiant cut diamond features cut corners, which is described as “cut-cornered square mixed cut” by the Gemological Institute of America.

Another difference between the two is their shapes. While there are exceptions to the both of them, radiant cut stones tend to be rectangular while princess cut diamonds are mostly square.

How Popular are the Two?

Even though similar in shape, both are quite different in market popularity. Princess cut diamond is the second most popular cut after the round brilliant shape. In contrast, radiant cut stones do not have that much demand, so they are not always readily available in the market.

Which Diamond Cut of the Two Shines More?

Owing to its brilliant cut facets, a radiant diamond reflects the light in a better way than a princess cut counterpart. Therefore, the former has a better shine, which makes it a popular choice for engagement, wedding, as well as diamond anniversary rings.

Which is the Ideal One for your Lifestyle?

A radiant cut diamond is considered better suited for people with an active lifestyle since it does not feature sharp corners, which can get chipped off or caught with rigorous activities. Besides, it is one of the best cuts for multiple-claw settings owing to its cut corners. A princess cut diamond, on the other hand, has a geometric shape, making it perfect for those who fancy channel set diamond engagement rings.

The budget is another thing to consider when selecting between these two diamond cuts. A princess cut stone is more affordable than a radiant cut diamond, as it retains up to eighty percent of its raw diamond’s weight. It is cheaper to make because a raw diamond usually yields two princess cut stones.

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