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Four Popular Celebrity Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

First designed in 1977, the radiant diamond cut is also a brilliant cut, albeit with 70 facets. This number exceeds that of the round brilliant cut diamond, provides it with a high level of sparkle. Radiant cut diamonds shine brightly, hence the name. Radiance refers to the light reflected.

The glistening facets of the radiant diamond make it a firm favorite among engagement ring shoppers, most notably celebrity brides-to-be. If you too have your heart set on a particular design, then you can make out a custom engagement ring with such a stone at its center. For design inspiration, take a gander at some of the following famous rings. While there are many other radiant cut diamond engagement rings to take cues from, the ones below are probably the best ones to be looking at.

Drew Barrymore

Will Kopelman surprised his sweetheart, American actress Drew Barrymore, with a radiant cut diamond of a weight just below four carats, and set on a diamond-encrusted band. Note that when any diamond weighs just below or above a standard carat mark, it is generally advertised as exactly at that weight point. The actual carat weight of the stone is mentioned in its grading certificate, so no harm done. Drew Barrymore’s ring features a four carat radiant cut diamond at the center, with a French setting with other diamonds. The setting serves as a glistening base that allows the centerpiece to shine immensely.

Imitation Tip: To get a piece that resembles this one, select a scallop or pave diamond setting, which features a radiant cut stone set in the center. Each of those settings is close to this celebrity’s ring, with the higher sides giving the stones on the band more protection. The pave or scallop settings are beautiful alternatives as well, with a bit more delicate appeal. They are usually slightly less expensive as well.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has famously sported her fair share of rings over the years, and none more popular than the one she got from Ben Affleck. The supercouple, fondly called “Bennifer” at one time, met in 2002, the same year that Lopez’s hit song “Jenny from the Block” came out. This engagement ring with a pink radiant diamond is well known in showbiz, since the pop star once wore it to a public function with a color-matching outfit. Jewelry aficionados also know it for the whopping weight (6.1 carat) and price (around $2.5 million). Of course, the pink diamond trend started in the early 2000’s and stayed on trend for all these years. J Lo’s engagement ring has been one of the most popular ones in history. The center diamond is flanked by two stones, which contrast and offset the unique pink center stone.

Imitation Tip: While fancy-color diamonds are rarer and more difficult to come by, one can still have a ring with the radiant cut stone, which is placed in a baguette setting for a conventional look; else, for a slightly different look, you could try for a center stone flanked by emerald cut diamonds. If you desire that enticing effect which only pink can bring, then try for an engagement ring setting that features a radiant cut diamond at the center, encircled by pink sapphires.

Megan Fox

Losing an engagement ring in the sands of Hawaii beach cane be devastating for many; for actor Megan Fox, this simply meant that then fiancé Brian Austin Green replaced it with an even more stunning piece. No prizes for guessing, he got her a three-carat radiant diamond mounted on a platinum band. Fox’s piece uses a halo setting, and came along with a diamond-studded infinity band.

Imitation Tip: Megan Fox’s ring is also replicable with the halo setting. Just choose a radiant cut diamond for the centerpiece and a platinum band to go with that. In this type of engagement ring setting, small diamonds are set around the center stone, which makes the centerpiece appear larger than it actually is. Alternatively, you can choose a double halo style, encircling your center stone with pave set diamonds, to capture the same glitz as Megan Fox’s two rings inside a single one.

Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian have seen lots of highs and lows typical to reality TV stars, but one constant amid that bedlam is her awesome radiant cut diamond engagement ring. This piece is all about that alluring center diamond, and the pave-studded metal band upon which it sits. The latter offers a dainty look which never fails to tempt an observer.

Imitation Tip: If you only want a radiant diamond at the middle of your band, then consider spending more on the center stone for a larger carat size, as well as opting for a solitaire band. In fact, go a step further and encircle it with a halo of diamonds to make it stand out even more.

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