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Ideal Settings for Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Ideal Settings

One of the main things that you may ponder about while choosing your diamond engagement rings will be its cut. Note that a decent diamond cut option that is suitable to complement the finger of almost every bride is a rectangular radiant cut stone. In fact, the refined yet stylish appeal of radiant cut diamond is characterized by the perfect blend between the brilliance of round brilliants and the modest elegance of an emerald cut diamond.

As the name indicates, radiant stones are known for their extreme brilliance. Hence, radiant cut diamond engagement rings will be an ultimate choice of all the brides who desire for an extremely brilliant center stone without compromising on its refined and striking appeal. This popular diamond cut was introduced to the field around twenty years ago. The hybrid perfection of radiant cut diamonds is considered as the symbol of prosperity and optimism. No wonder, radiant cut diamond engagement rings are one of the popular choices even now.

You can define a radiant cut diamond as a perfect package that entails every single detail a wearer will be looking for. That is, this amazing diamond cut features architecturally aesthetic smooth lines of vintage cut diamonds such as Asscher cut and emerald cut stones along with its sparkling fire. You will be surprised to know that you can accentuate the beauty of radiant cuts even more by choosing different diamond ring settings.

Note that ideal design and metal settings are perfect to enhance the appeal as well as the security of your gemstones. Some of those popular options for radiant cut diamond engagement rings are given below. You may consider any of these ideas while designing your radiant diamond engagement rings.

Solitaire Diamond Ring Settings

This is the supreme option for highlighting the fire of your radiant cut stones. Here, your gemstone will be beautifully held in place by means of traditional four prong settings. Since the amount of metal surrounding your center stone is minimum in this case, the maximum surface area of your diamond will be exposed to light. This will allow a maximum amount of light to enter the stone making it sparkle like anything.

Sadly, this type of diamond ring setting is not an ideal option for people who lead an active lifestyle since the diamond is vulnerable to external damages here. You may tackle this issue by choosing a six prong setting though.

White Gold Halo Diamond Ring Setting

The reflective quality of white gold makes it a supreme option for enhancing the sparkle of your ring. Note that it actually acts as a mirror to the extreme fire and brilliance of your radiant cut diamonds. In order to boost up the overall bling quotient of your diamond to the next level, you can add a halo of captivating tiny diamonds around it. Radiant cut halo engagement rings setting will surely make your gemstone stand out from the rest of the crowd because of its extreme scintillation and fire.

Accent Stones Set with U-Prongs

Flank your stunning radiant cut diamond with a tiny round brilliant accent on each side in order to exhibit a supreme sparkle. It is to be noted that the U-prong settings will set the gemstone in such a way that it sits flush with your center radiant diamond creating a magnificent effect. Additionally, you can choose to set four or five round brilliant accents on each side in order to create a wow factor with this stylish setting. This will create the appeal of a full-set diamond band.

Note that adding more than five numbers of accents will be a sheer waste of your money since it will be set at the backside of your band and will not be visible to others.

Baguette Side Stone Setting

Another perfect option to make you center radiant cut diamond stand out is a baguette side stone setting. Here, your main gemstone will be flanked with elongated baguette stones on each side. Note that the flat tables and step cut facets of baguettes will offer a mirror-like reflection rather than a striking radiance. Hence, it will emphasize the beauty of your center stone without diverting the attention of people towards its accents.

Furthermore, this type of diamond ring settings will offer an Art Deco appeal to your sparklers. Hence, this will be the perfect option for all the brides, who are looking for an elegant vintage style reminiscent of the bygone eras.

Pave Sapphire Setting

Adding some color to your engagement ring will be one of the best ways to give it a stylish and elegant makeover. In this setting, the radiant cut center diamond will be beautified by paving a row of tiny blue sapphire accents of vivid hue on each side. This type of setting will magnify the brilliance of the radiant cut stones and will set off its fire offering it an out of this world appeal.

You can further uplift the overall brilliance of the diamond by choosing white gold or platinum metal, since they offer a neutral setting for the intense blue color of sapphire gemstones.

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