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Old Cut Diamonds vs. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

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The cut is an important attribute of a diamond. Even though two diamonds have the same proportions, shape, symmetry, and polish, the proportion of facets or the cut determines how the diamond reflects light. In fact, this is the attribute, which separates the old cut diamond rings from the modern version of the same, the round brilliant cut. Below is a brief comparison of the old cut diamond rings and the round brilliant cut diamonds.


When looked at from the top, an old cut diamond appears completely round. The shape was achieved by the use of electric and steam-driven equipment during the 1800’s. This also made the large-scale production of this shape possible.


Old cut diamonds are characterized by a small table or top facet. The portion of the diamond above the widest point, also known as the crown is taller than that found in modern brilliant cut stones. The part of the diamond below its widest point, known as the pavilion depth, is deeper than that in modern brilliant cuts. Remember that you have to compare stones of similar size in order to get a clear idea about the differences between the two kinds of diamonds.

Number of Facets

Old cut diamonds are composed of 58 facets. Meanwhile, round brilliant cuts have only 57 facets because of a pointed culet. Old cut diamonds place their emphasis on enlarging their area and on improving their color and clarity, whereas round brilliant cut diamonds were designed for the highest brilliance. In other words, the latter was created for maximum reflected light from inside and outside the diamond.

Faceting and Cutting

One of the most interesting facts about old cut diamonds is that the gemstone cutters cut them individually. This is something that cannot be found in round brilliant cut diamonds or even in radiant cut engagement rings. The idea that a craftsman sat down at his tool bench and crafted the diamond ring about a century ago adds to the romantic feel of the ring. Besides, if you examine it closely, you may find evidence of handcrafted work. The facets will appear larger and they are not uniformly defined like the modern brilliant cut stone. Due to this, every stone has a unique spark to it.


Since old cut diamonds are hand-cut, they lack the symmetry of modern cuts. They cannot be compared to modern rings such as radiant cut moissanite engagement ring, which are perfectly cut using the right equipment.

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