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Pros and Cons of Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings
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The radiant cut was born in the 1970’s when the diamond industry tried to take the brilliance of diamonds to the next level. This is a diamond cut featuring 70 facets and is perfect square in shape. The biggest attraction about radiant cut engagement rings is that they carry the positive features of both emerald cut and round brilliant cut. Below are a few pros and cons regarding the radiant cut diamonds.

Pros of a Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Intensity of Brilliance

It is true that every bride wants to be the center of attention on her special occasion. Radiant cut diamond engagement rings allow just that. It offers a high degree of brilliance that will make every eye in the room turn to your ring. The main reason behind this is the depth of cut and the high number of facets. You can definitely anticipate a few compliments on a special day.

Won’t Catch on Clothing

One of the most relieving things about the radiant cut diamonds is that they have neatly trimmed edges. This means that they can be used while performing tasks where you would have feared the stone catching on to something. Besides, you can do your hair without any worries with radiant cut engagement rings on.

Rounded Corners Increase Strength

The well-rounded corners reduce the chances of breakage or chipping from direct contact with hard surface or object. Although it takes a huge force to break a diamond, it would still be very unlikely in the case of a radiant cut diamond Further, the prongs usually hold the diamond in place very firmly. You do not have to fear about your diamond falling out of your prong as it may happen with other stone shapes.

Cons of a Radiant Cut Diamond

Limited Availability

It is true that radiant cut diamonds are popular among brides as a very attractive design. However, they are very limited in availability. You may have great difficulty in finding a radiant cut diamond in a ring. Yet again, you can create a custom engagement ring featuring a radiant cut diamond.

The Deep Cut

One of the main reasons behind the shine of these diamonds is their deep cut. This also hides the flaws from being detected by the naked eye. The deep cut also means that your one-carat radiant cut diamond will not appear as large as how other shapes look. So, you might need to opt for a larger diamond that has a few flaws to get a big rock.

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