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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

Choosing a radiant cut diamond ring as your engagement ring choice is pretty much the best move these days. Radiant cut diamond engagement rings make a perfect alternative to the classic rings studded with gaudy princess cut stones, which have all but inundated the jewelry market. Another remarkable thing about this is that the average radiant cut diamond, even if it is set in a solitaire ring or a wedding band, showcases extraordinary sparkle and fire.

A radiant cut diamond is usually found in a rectangular or square shape, with corners that are cropped to a small extent. It usually features 53 to 70 facets, and this is what gives the diamond its magnificent sparkle.

Pros of the Radiant Cut

The radiant cut diamond has many advantages easily rivaling those of the other diamond shapes.

  • The radiant cut diamond, as long as it is cut very well, carries an enhanced brilliance. This would, in fact, be more than if the stone would have appeared if it was cut using a simpler cut.
  • The further facets of the radiant cut diamond can hide many more of its inclusions and flaws, making it look more beautiful.
  • If executed well, the radiant cut would have the correct proportions, able to show off much more of the stone.
  • Radiant cut diamonds have subtle corners and hence are effectively less vulnerable, and better suited to people with an active lifestyle.

Radiant-Cut Diamond Price

Just like the other diamonds cuts, the radiant cut too is valued depending on the 4Cs. They are also among the less expensive diamonds available in the market. However, they are also costlier than emerald cut diamonds.

Furthermore, you would be able to lower the clarity and color of a radiant cut stone, and still be able to hide most of the same flaws and inclusions in the diamond. Using this strategy lets you buy a larger radiant cut diamond for around the same price as a similarly sized stone of a different cut.

Buying Loose Radiant-Cut

Looking at radiant cut diamonds in a store plays out the same as looking through other diamond shapes. You see a rise in the number of couples buying loose radiant cut diamonds and then having these set into a ring; this is done to ensure good cut quality. You would be able to find one-carat radiant cut stones in most stores, but finding a lower carat is much more difficult.

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