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Things You Need to Know About Radiant Cut Diamond Pricing

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings 2 Carat
Interesting Diamond Facts

The discount in price for radiant cut diamonds will be larger when compared to other diamond shapes. The main reason behind this fact is that radiant diamonds use the maximum amount of diamond rough whereas round diamonds have greater rough diamond wastage. So from a cutter’s perspective, this cut is a very efficient one apart from other cuts. However, Radiant diamonds tend to appear smaller at the same carat weight than other shapes such as round diamonds as they will be a bit deeper than other cuts.

Evaluating the shape of a diamond

When considering shape of a diamond to purchase, it is very important to consider its length to width ratio. The optimal ratio for a radiant diamond is 1.25. Such stones have the greatest premium in the radiant cut diamonds. The diamonds will look a little thicker or slender and longer according to whether the cut is shorter or longer. Shorter radiant diamonds give smaller and slender look; whereas the diamonds with long length to width ratios will look larger. However, if you are set on buying a diamond with sharp corners, then radiant cut diamonds might not suit your need. The cuts like emerald and princess cut diamonds have sharp corners. Some other square and rectangle shaped stones will also have the sharp corners but the radiant cut diamonds do not have sharp edges.

The price range

As the carats of diamonds increases the price also increases in incredibly large range. Smaller diamonds are largely available and so the price of such diamonds tends to be lower. If you are buying a radiant cut engagement ring of 2 carat, the price can reach over 20,000 dollars. The price spikes in a large rate when another carat is added. It means if you are buying a 3 carat radiant cut engagement ring it can cost you really high. As radiant cut diamonds are on the high side of diamond pricing, you will have to spend quite an amount to get one.

You should seek out a professionally-graded stone when purchasing a radiant diamond ring. This grade will help the buyer to ensure the value of the diamonds they purchase. It also helps to make sure that the stone is authentic. One of the important factors that you should keep in mind is the length to width ratio. You have to make sure that the measurement of the stone is proper to make it a square or a rectangle. If the measurements are not proper it will make the stone look more oblong than rectangular.                     

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