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Three Reasons Why It Is Better to Choose a Smaller Diamond Ring

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When it comes to diamonds, the bigger the better, that is what people always feel. However, it is actually better to go for a smaller diamond engagement ring instead of a relatively bigger one. If you are wondering whether a smaller piece may be right for you, then keep the following reasons in mind.

Keeping a Low Key Profile is Fine for Some

You have seen engaged women flaunting their ring for others to see. Showing off jewelry at a social gathering is fun when you have that sort of personality, but several women prefer to stay grounded and modest by keeping a low profile look. Many people are introverts, who usually do not like being social functions’ center of attention; if you are like that, then you should select an engagement ring that fits your personality. A smaller piece without that bling factor can also be lovely. With some rings, the center diamond alone is enough to make it stand out. Think the center stone of a 1 carat radiant cut diamond engagement ring – it combines the emerald diamond shape with a round brilliant’s brilliance and sparkle.

Spending Wisely is More Important than Spending Big

There is another perception that you have to set aside, at least two month’s salary for an engagement ring purchase. People fall for it because diamond marketers have successfully influenced people into thinking this way. However, there is no rule that says you have to spend big on a diamond engagement ring. Just choose something that looks stunning on your girlfriend’s dainty fingers, and that will do. For ordinary folks, marriage comes with a lot of expectation and financial burden, so it is wise to gown down the dainty ring route than it is to make a big rock piece for your fiancée. Studies on diamond buying patterns suggest many millennials are choosing smaller diamonds these days.

Small Gems are Ideal for Active People

It is not uncommon for a big diamond to sit many millimeters above the metal band of the piece. This height depends in parts on the style and setting of the ring, but it is also a factor of its center gemstone’s size.

For some people, this might not be a big issue, but if you have an active lifestyle and work quite a lot with your hands, then a small engagement ring might just be a better choice for you. Whether you use the hands for hobbies such as gardening or for doing your job, then your piece could get damaged. A diamond may be the hardest mineral, but it is not indestructible. If it bumps against a sharp object, then it can result in a fracture or chip on the stone. However, if you go for a small low set diamond ring, then you can avoid such issues.

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