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The traditional idea of an engagement ring was that it should be a solitaire set diamond ring and must be made of yellow gold. This is actually a good choice, but this is not the only option for you, of course. Many couples of the recent times could be seen moving away from this common tradition to choosing solitaire diamond engagement rings reflecting their tastes and personality.

If you are really excited about this idea yet are not sure on where to start from, you are at the right place. Below are some of the latest trends in engagement jewelry design, which would encourage you to be unique just as distinct and gorgeous as you are.

Rose Gold

Rose gold came to its peak by 2017. This trend is still running and is expected to stay trendy for many more years to come. You would be able to see almost everything ranging from mobile phones to jewelry in rose gold these days, and engagement diamond rings are no exception to this. For instance, radiant cut engagement rings or one featuring fancy blue diamond centerpiece with pink surrounding diamonds look absolutely awesome in rose gold.

Colored Diamond

Choosing a colored diamond ring helps you in disaffiliating from the tradition of going for colorless/white diamonds for engagement rings. If you are a bride who wants to prove that you are different and unique, you could choose a black, blue, or a brown diamond ring. Although the use of colored diamonds was introduced through the pop culture by celebrities, more and more brides of today are seen opting for colored stones.

Colored Gemstones

Using colored gemstones as the center stone in engagement rings is also rising to popularity at the present time, and it is expected to continue the same way in the future. There are various options for the colored center gemstone, the popular ones being emerald, sapphire, aquamarine, amethyst, and ruby.

The radiant cut engagement rings having an emerald centerpiece features a ravishing green hue, which increased its popularity among the modern brides. The sapphire, on the other hand, has a deep and vivid blue hue that offers a broad spectrum of colors, which makes the sapphire engagement rings versatile. Rubies, with their stunning red hue, are also an awesome option for contemporary engagement rings, while the soft blue aquamarine is a good color for daily use.

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