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Why Choose Diamond over Moissanite?

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Do moissanite looks like diamond? Which one you should buy? How it differs? These are the questions asked often while comparing a moissanite and a diamond. First of all, moissanite is a white, man-made gemstone which does not looks like diamond but is supposed to have the appearance of diamond. Both moissanite and diamonds are good for engagement rings because of their characteristic features. Let’s have a look at these characteristics.


Both moissanite and diamonds are very durable and hard with ratings 9.25 and 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This shows that moissanites are second to diamonds in terms of hardness.


Usually moissanite have a rainbow sparkle while diamond has a combination of light reflections, colorless and rainbow sparkles which makes diamonds more attractive.


Both moissanites and diamonds have a variety of shapes. But round cut which gives more sparkling is the most popular choice in both.


Diamonds are graded on a GIA color scale from D to Z while moissanites are not categorized by their colors. Moissanites appear colorless but they appear yellowish or grayish under certain lights. Larger the moissanite, noticeable will be the color.


While comparing diamonds and moissanite in terms of price, diamonds are usually very expensive. Price of the diamond depends on its color, sparkle, cut, shape etc. while prices of moissanite vary only by its size. However, diamond will be a better investment as you can get back your complete money or even more while selling diamonds.


Diamonds are natural substances which took millions of years to form. They are poor carbon crystals. Moissanites are man-made lab grown gemstones which supposed to look like diamond and do not require any mining. Hence the low price of moissantes.

Why Diamond over Moissanite?

Though moissanite and diamonds are similar, there are some differences which force you to choose diamond over moissanite. They are,

  • Diamonds are natural substances with more durability and are pure form of carbon crystals.
  • From ancient times onwards, diamonds are considered as the symbol of love and commitment. Therefore substituting them with a gemstone is considered as unacceptable.
  • Beautiful white sparkle of diamonds is the combination of a series of light reflection, colorless and rainbow sparkles whereas rainbow sparkles of moissanite appears to be fake for some people.
  • Diamonds are very valuable and it is considered as an asset or precious jewelry piece for future generation. But moissanites are cheap and have no value when compared to diamonds.
  • Since moissanite is not a diamond, some jewelers may refuse to work on your jewelry piece if you wish to reset the stone in future.

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