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A Brief Guide To Solitaire Diamond Rings

Radiant Cut Engagement rings
Radiant Cut Engagement rings
Radiant Cut Engagement rings

Most people who are looking for an engagement ring start by looking at popular online jewelry stores. When doing so, you might have come across solitaire diamond engagement rings. Most of us do not even have the slightest idea of what a solitaire diamond ring is. However, it is very common in many online jewelry stores and also popular among people for a long time. Solitaire diamond rings are very suitable for every occasion and if you are planning on buying them for your engagement, you need to know more about them.

Benefits Of Solitaire Diamond Rings

The term solitaire means a gemstone or a diamond held in a piece of jewelry by itself. The solitaire ring style is even very popular today. Many people prefer radiant cut solitaire diamond rings instead of regular radiant cut engagement rings. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of solitaire diamond rings.

Brings More Attention

Showing the engagement rings to friends and family is one of the happiest moments of your fiancé. They will look at all the fine details of the ring but the main attraction will be the center diamond. The main benefit of a solitaire engagement ring is that it can become the center of attraction pretty quickly. The center stone of a solitaire diamond ring stands out even from far away. It also means that you have to choose the perfect center stone for your engagement ring. Most people prefer radiant cut diamond as the center stone for solitaire rings.

Easy To Protect

One of the main features that stand out for the solitaire engagement ring is that it is easier to care for since it has only one stone. You have to clean only one stone regularly and have only one setting to protect. It is very difficult to protect a three-stone setting or a prong setting. With a solitaire setting, it is much simpler to clean your engagement ring.


If you buy a halo engagement ring or any other style, it may cost you more. The biggest benefit of the solitaire engagement ring is that it is comparatively less expensive than most other ring settings. The main reason for this is that there are no additional side stones or accents in solitaire rings. The design of the solitaire engagement ring is classic and you are getting a great deal at a low price. The cost of the diamond may vary according to the size of the center diamond you choose.

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