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Best Jewelry Pieces Spotted at the Teen Choice Awards

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The Teen Choice Awards is held once every year. The awards ceremony honors that year’s biggest achievements in film, sports, music, fashion, television, social media, etc. So the who’s who of each area comes to the show with big hopes and wearing expensive jewelry pieces. The only difference from some of the other award ceremonies is that this is chosen by teenagers, so there would be more teens at the red carpet. So it is natural to expect more colorful and funky jewelry pieces at the Teens Choice Awards each year.

Taylor Swift

Peridot gemstone hoops graced the ears of this pop and country singer, alongside three rings on her finger. Her one ring featured emerald, the other tourmaline and the third one diamond and sapphire. Her dress had a similar color to the green peridot.

Sarah Hyland

This American actress cum singer turned up at the Teens Choice Awards wearing earrings with orange-hued sapphire gemstones. She performed during the program while wearing sapphire cluster earrings.

Annie Leblanc

She is a singer more known for her appearances on YouTube. The American YouTuber sparkled in earrings with diamond and pink sapphire. She wore a pink-colored outfit matching her sapphire piece. However, the media claim that her favorite piece was a sculptural cocktail ring with diamond.

Maia Mitchell

This Australian actor wore gold pearl huggie hoop earrings in two sizes. Her pink and blue frock made of gingham, pink purse and dainty pieces of jewelry added whimsy quality to her ensemble.

Lucy Hale

As the host of this year’s Teens Choice Awards, Lucy Hale had many outfit changes that brought forth many different jewelry looks. In contrast to her minimalist pieces from last year’s event, she wore star-pierced tassel earrings, but a more stylish item was her sapphire lip ring. She paired the red stone ring with coral and pink sapphire stones.


This actor and singer sported a pair of earrings, which cost $38.00. This seems to be her lucky number in that she wore a $38 outfit at the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards. The gold hoop earrings she wore at this year’s Teens Choice Awards featured pearl details.

Jessica Alba

Zendaya, Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba were the best-dressed celebs at this star-studded red carpet. Style and class was clearly the motto of Alba’s Teens Choice look. She wore classy gold hammered teardrop hoops, which added just enough glow to her floral dress.

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