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Things That Make a Gemstone Ring Look Cheap

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Important Diamond Facts

A gemstone engagement ring is the most personal jewelry piece perhaps you will ever have. A lot goes into selecting the piece that is ideal for you, but we wish to clarify one thing: you do not need to spend more money than you mean just to get an expensive-looking ring. Here, we will fill you in on the ways to make it look as expensive a ring as possible.

Mismatched Diamond Hues

Diamonds are being graded on the four criteria namely color, carat, clarity and cut. You can get away with a ring set with all kinds of the above combinations, but you should ideally avoid diamonds having a very low color grade. A diamond with K, L or M color grade tends to show a yellow hue. This diamond does not look perfectly white, as some rare ones do.

Rather than choosing a bigger carat diamond, falling in the K to M color scale, we recommend going for a whiter one that will look much more expensive overall.

Claws That are Not Balanced

Metal prongs that are either too heavy or too wide can distract from the stunning center stone and cheapen the overall look of a ring.

Make sure your diamond is set in the ring by an expert. You do not want an imperfect setting, which looks like arts and crafts work, in your engagement ring.

Use sharp prongs because these look more delicate, yet will hold the stone in place for a long time.

Unmatched Halo and Center Diamond Color

Are you considering the halo setting to complement the center stone? If you are, be sure the melee diamonds that form the halo more or less match the centerpiece in color. Matching the center diamond to the very small stones in the halo setting will make the former appear bigger. If it does not appear larger than its carat, what is the point of having the halo? After all, this setting is used to create exactly this illusion.

Diamonds Set Too High

The gemstones that are set a little too high than your normal high-set ring can make the piece look cheap. In this setting, there will be extra space below the culet, or the pointy area of the stone. Expert designers make settings based on the diamond’s measurements. This makes sure that the setting sits lower to your finger, and that it is more comfortable for daily wear.

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