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Invisible Setting For Diamonds
Invisible Setting For Diamonds

Equally ideal in the ring styles of men and women, invisible setting is quite popular in wedding and engagement rings. For people who are used to bezel or prong setting that holds the stone in place by means of metal rim covering all of its edges or metal prongs respectively, an invisible setting might seem amusing.

In this article, we are discussing about the invisible setting in detail.

What Is An Invisible Setting?

The setting was created before over 200 years ago in France. The stones in this setting are held in place by means of hidden metal construction that comes beneath the stones. The hidden metal construction explains how invisible setting was given that name. It is made by cutting tiny grooves into the girdle and fixing diamonds onto the metal frame.

Square and princess cuts are usually used in invisible diamonds. Shapes like round or ones that come with curved edges do not work well with invisible settings.

What Are The Advantages Of Invisible Setting?

In an invisible setting, small diamonds are set so close to each other so that they seem like a single big diamond. It takes a closer inspection to identify that the ring does not include a single large diamond but is made up of many small diamonds.

The biggest benefit of this feature of an invisible diamond is related to its pricing. The price of a large diamond is greater than the price of many small diamonds that has their total carat weight the same as that of the large diamond. Moreover, as the invisible setting does not have prongs or similar settings, the chances of it catching on hair and clothes are less.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Invisible Setting?

Although the invisible setting is quite appealing to the eye, it has a few disadvantages.

Possibility Of Compromised Security

The security of the setting largely depends on the quality of the workmanship. If the grooves in the diamond or the metal frame lack perfection, there is an increased chance for the diamonds to become loose and may even fall off.

The damage of the metal framework may lead to the disrupted alignment of the diamonds.

Compromised Sparkle

The sparkle of diamonds is largely influenced by the amount of light that enters them. In an invisible setting, the light enters through the top of the diamonds alone and hence the sparkle is a bit compromised.

The choice of diamond settings is influenced by various factors including the level of security, brilliance and elegance you require in your diamond jewelry. Make an analysis of the pros and cons of any setting before you go for it.

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