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What Makes The Radiant Diamond Cut Unique?

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
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Radiant cut diamonds are very brilliant with beautiful symmetry and classic look. Have you ever wondered what makes the radiant cut diamond popular and why it is so special? Here is the answer. Let’s take a look at it.

What is a Radiant Cut?

Radiant cuts are the most beautiful diamond shape in the world of diamonds with 70 facets. It combines the shape of an emerald cut and the brilliance of a round cut. These diamonds attract a lot of colors and hide inclusions very well. It is one of the most popular choices of every bride.

When Was the Radiant Cut Diamond Introduced?

Radiant cut diamonds were first designed by Henry Grossbard of the Radiant Cut Diamond Company in 1977. He wanted to combine the brilliance of the round cut and the long, elegant shape of the emerald cut. Well, he succeeded in that. It is the first cut that has a brilliant facet pattern on both the crown and the pavilion of the diamond.

Celebrities’ Favorite

Radiant cut diamonds have a huge number of fans among celebrities. It is a great attractive accessory for a celebrity in the public eye. Jennifer Aniston’s 8-carat radiant cut diamond with a yellow gold at the time of her marriage with Justin Theroux was such a beautiful one. And the 6.1-carat Harry Winston pink radiant diamond ring of worth $2.5 million for the engagement of Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck are some of the best examples of love for the radiant cut diamond rings among the celebrities.

The Durability of Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds are very durable than other gemstones such as pear and marquise cut ones. It does not chip, break or catch on things as it has trimmed corners and beveled edges. That is why it is the most popular choice for a daily use ring without any special protective features.

Ideal Settings for a Radiant Cut Diamond

A diamond setting has an important role in influencing its sparkle and shine. Radiant cut diamond can stand in almost every setting except the bezel setting. A bezel setting limits the light reflecting out of the diamond. So, try to avoid bezel settings for a radiant cut diamond. And always try to choose a 4 – prong settings instead of 6 and 8 prong settings for more diamond visibility. Whatever settings you choose, make sure to have a uniqueness and personal touch in that.

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