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How to Pick a Diamond with Good Sparkle

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings
Radiant Cut Engagement Rings
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What makes a diamond the most fascinating object in existence? Its magnificent qualities, of course. Diamonds have a unique glow that is unseen in any of the precious substances, and that causes us to feel overwhelmed with their appeal. Sparkle creates an inexplicable attraction that draws your eyes. Hence, it is important to have a diamond with a substantial amount of sparkle to it.

No matter which type of radiant cut engagement rings you wear, it will draw all the eyes in the room if it is sufficiently attractive and sparkly. Below are a few things about diamonds that you need to keep in mind when you look for the diamond with the most amazing sparkle.

Choosing a Diamond That Sparkles the Most

The light’s interaction with diamond is the root cause of sparkle. The dynamics of the cut, as well as its quality, determine the reaction of the diamond to the incident light. Below are some tips on choosing a diamond that sparkles the most.

View the Diamond under Different Light Sources

One of the best ways to observe the diamond is under spot lighting. This will help you observe all the essential features of the diamond that produces. However, make sure that there are not too many light sources around, as this causes glare that makes it impossible to tell one diamond from the other.

First, observe it when the spotlighting is not too overwhelming. Then, look at it under fluorescent light. Next, try to view it under a mixed condition of fluorescent and spotlighting. Finally, view the diamond under daylight.

Notice the Cutting Style

The sparkle largely depends on the number of facets a diamond has. Note that the round brilliant diamond has the best sparkle due to the presence of 57 or 58 facets. In case you fancy a particular shape such as radiant cut halo engagement rings, you need to check if it has been cut in the Brilliant faceting style. Other popular options can be marquise, oval, pear, and marquise cuts.

Pay Attention to Cut Quality

Another attribute that helps you determine the sparkle of your diamond is the quality grade. GIA grades all diamonds according to their cut quality and divides them into 5 categories: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. The Excellent cut is the best grade with admirable contrast between dark and light areas. A Very Good cut is also a worthy buy as it features well-distinguished bright areas. The quality reduces as the grading goes down.

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