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Tips to Purchase Affordable Diamond Rings with the Best Sparkle

Radiant Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings
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The diamond engagement rings will be one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry that most people own. It holds a relevant emotional value as well. So, it will be a bit overwhelming to choose the right diamond engagement ring. When you go to a jewelry store without any plan in mind, the salespeople are likely to influence your shopping and you may end up spending a whopping amount on your sparkler.

For instance, even if you loved the appeal of a tiny radiant cut ring, salespeople are likely to make you purchase one of their expensive radiant cut solitaire engagement rings. To avoid this, it is better to pre-plan things. Are on your diamond engagement ring hunt? Then, consider the following things to choose an affordable diamond engagement ring with the best sparkle.

Set a Budget

The first thing that must do when it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring is to set a budget that works for you. Note that it is never a good idea to finance your engagement ring. Needless to mention, being indebted at the beginning of a relationship is not so appealing. Plus, you are likely to deal with many financial responsibilities in the future such as your wedding, honeymoon, home, etc.

Similarly, never fall for diamond buying myths like the three months’ salary policy, which is just a successful marketing strategy crafted by diamond sellers. Besides, choosing a budget will not only save you from spending overboard but also let you narrow down your search.

Master the 4c’s

The main factors that determine the quality of a diamond is its 4C’s that include its cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. If you understand these factors you can easily choose a sparkler that offers the best bang for your bucks. The cut refers to the faceting pattern of a diamond and it is graded depending on the perfection of the facet organization and polish.

The color grade of diamonds is graded based on the presence of the color tints within the gemstone. Undoubtedly, colorless diamonds are the most sought-after options. When it comes to clarity of diamonds, it is determined based on the presence of inclusions or flaws in a diamond. Similarly, carat weight refers to the overall weight of a gemstone.

Trust your Eyes

Of course, flawless and colorless diamonds are the supreme options for a ring. However, such diamonds will be incredibly expensive and a sheer waste of money. Note that when you look at a colorless and flawless diamond and its nearly flawless and colorless counterpart, you will not be able to spot any difference since the flaws in the latter option will be microscopic. So, it will be always better to choose a visually colorless and clean diamond for an affordable purchase. After all, who is going to look at your sparkler using a diamond loupe or microscope?

However, you must never compromise on the cut quality of your gemstones since it will directly affect its sparkle, which is the main highlight of gemstones. Radiant cut engagement rings will be a great option in this case since it tends to offer a maximum bling at relatively cheaper rate.

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