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What to Include in your Wedding Planning Checklist

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Wedding Planning Tips

Here is a simple checklist that is part a secret weapon and part a cheat sheet for planning the wedding in just three months.

Step One: Make your Biggest Choices First

Many say you have to select a wedding venue first. However, doing that is tough when there is no wedding date and budget in mind. As many of these wedding-related decisions are codependent, tackling them first will likely serve you best. As soon as you are ready to begin serious planning, you have to pick your wedding date, then budget, and then the venue, all in a rather quick succession. This may seem like plenty of things to do at once, but you will be glad to have these three tent poles established when it is time to build the wedding of your dreams.

Step Two: Send Out your Wedding Invitations and Create That Wedding Website

When you have secured your date, wedding vision and date, send the wedding invitations to your near and dear ones. In conjunction with notifying your potential guests, we suggest creating a website, including all the relevant details concerning your wedding. When you are building it, fill out an online wedding registry with all the necessary items you would like to have so that your invitees can think about a meaningful present.

Step Three: Choose the Other Important Vendors

Guided by both your wedding vision and the planning checklist, now is the time to make those additional and essential vendor decisions. Find the dress, secure a tailor, and look into the wedding party attire. Find your ideal wedding caterer and DJ. Besides, book a florist in your area who can find lush alternatives if peonies are not in season. We recommend maximizing your weekends, as the more you tick off your checklist today, the less you will scramble closer to the wedding date.

Step Four: Get the Parties Done before the Real One

By the time you are in the last phase of wedding planning, you will welcome any escapism – particularly with friends. The right time to plan your bachelorette party is now. It does not need to be far flung or fancy (even a night with pizza and friends would do, if that is you), but take time to celebrate your hard work and achievement with those who support you. If your near and dear ones wish hosting a bridal shower, then ensure your wedding registry is updated so that they can buy your partner essential household appliances for your future use.

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