Natural Blue Diamonds

All you Need to Know about Blue Diamonds

Natural Blue Diamonds
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Natural blue diamonds are some of the most beautiful gemstones in existence. They are also among the most sought-after diamonds for their attractive nature and their stunning looks. While there are also artificially synthesized blue diamonds, there is a huge difference between natural ones and the artificially made ones in terms of price. Below is a quick look at the prominent features of blue diamonds.

Real Diamonds

A genuine blue diamond is one that has not been treated or enhanced in order to obtain its color. Hence, it is important to check the certificate issued by the GIA when buying a blue diamond. The document will say “natural” if it is real. Besides, the certificate will also help you in understanding the secondary hues in your blue diamond; the common ones include greenish blue, straight blue, violet blue, and grayish blue.

Varieties of Blue Diamonds

When you compare all the diamonds in existence, you will find that blue diamonds are among the rarest colored gemstones. Blue diamonds fall under Type IIb diamonds, which are considered extremely rare. Among all the variants, blue diamonds with high intensity that display a Deep Blue color are the rarest. The larger stones are even more difficult to find and are much costlier.

The main cause for the color of blue diamonds is the presence of impurities such as boron and nitrogen. However, other elements also affect the color of these diamonds sometimes.

Locations Where They are Mined

Blue mines are extremely rare, and found only in a few mines around the world. The main mines include the Argyle mine in Australia and the Cullinan Mine in South Africa. Apart from that, the Golconda mine in India is also known to have sourced natural blue diamonds.

Price of Blue Diamonds

Like all the other diamonds, blue diamonds are also rated for the price according to their color, clarity, size, and color intensity. Note that there is an emphasis on the intensity of color while the value is determined in fancy colored gemstones, because they are highly valued by diamond collectors and enthusiasts alike. Due to their rarity, even a small piece costs thousands of dollars; a large blue diamond such as the Wittelsbach-Graff will cost millions.

The Shades of Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are available in Light Blue, Very Light Blue, Fancy Light Blue, Faint Blue, Fancy Blue, Fancy Intense Blue, Fancy Vivid Blue, and Fancy Deep Blue. The intensity of blue color is governed by the presence of boron impurities in the stone’s structure and their variation.

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