High Quality CBD Vs Low Quality Isolate CBD

In the recent past, there have been many investigations into the quality of cannabidiol products sold to customers. Some are top quality CBD items, but this is not the case with every product available in the market. As with any other market, even the cannabidiol marketplace has adulterated and illegal products.

So how could an unsuspecting customer tell whether the cannabidiol product they are going to purchase is of inferior quality? Before we look at some things to remember to avoid choosing it, let us discuss the significance of quality CBD products.

What Difference Does The Quality Make?

CBD is getting increasingly popular in the market; so much misinformation exists regarding the product’s quality. This is the case with virtually any other item: when it starts to become more and more popular, there will be forces trying to tarnish it.

A cannabidiol product can be taken out from industrial hemp or marijuana. Hemp-derived cannabidiol products are legally available in most places, and in this blog post, we pay most attention to these items.

Under federal law, it is legal to sell a CBD item provided that it contains only up to 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol. This is to say, it can be sold and consumed even if there is no THC in it. For your information, THC is a psychoactive hemp component, or one that negatively alters the user’s state of mind. Therefore, federal law does not approve selling or consuming any product having over 0.3% of it.

A quality cannabidiol brand will ensure that the concentration of THC stays within that federally permitted level. So you will not have any psychoactive or mind-altering effect after consuming or using that company’s hemp CBD item.

A potential issue with using an inferior product is that it might have more unwanted side effects as compared to a hemp CBD item. It is common for any cannabidiol product to have side effects such as dry mouth, diarrhea, and fatigue in the initial few days of use. There are ways to deal with some of its secondary and unwanted effects. You will not experience these effects after using CBD for a certain number of days either.

However, a poor quality product might have more than the legally allowed level of tetrahydrocannabinol. So, depending on the amount of the product you consume, you being in a psychoactive state might also be its unwanted effects.

Another thing with the low-quality product is that the CBD in it might take much longer to start having an effect. Usually, it needs time for it to take effect, but in the case of an inferior item, this time might be more. It might be the case due to this reason: the product lower CBD content than labeled. This is why a serving of cannabidiol should not be used simply as per following the phytocannabinoid amount shown on the product’s label.

Who Sells More CBD Items That Are Inferior In Quality?

The low-quality products are sold mostly in corner stores. Unfortunately, the FDA is not regulating the cannabidiol market for purity and safety. This means that it is not looking at the goods available in places such as grocery stores, gas stations, and shopping centers. Therefore, inferior products crop up occasionally in these kinds of venues.

People often associate low quality cannabidiol products with gas station stores. These products come at a low price point, and thereby, attract many unsuspecting customers.

Shared below is the FDA’s statement that summarizes what it knows regarding cannabis derivatives, which include cannabidiol.

“FDA recognizes the potential opportunities that cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds may offer and acknowledges the significant interest in these possibilities. However, FDA is aware that some companies are marketing products containing cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds in ways that violate the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and that may put the health and safety of consumers at risk.”

Is A Cannabidiol Product Bought From A Gas Station Store Safe?

It is not easy to tell whether corner store CBD items are safe. Producers need not adhere to any rule regarding matters such as growing industrial hemp, extracting cannabinoids and other components from it, formulation, trialing, and packaging. So the item might be produced with dangerous practices from industrial hemp that is cultivated with possibly toxic means, and that might not have any cannabidiol content.

The FDA may be facing much pressure to issue regulations for cannabidiol items, but some reports reveal that it could happen only after many years. Until it occurs, consumers are responsible to research on the product they plan to purchase.

From Which Place Does It Come From?

As with other products, you must be aware of the source of your cannabidiol product. Cultivating hemp may now be legally allowed in the United States of America, but before December 2018, the federal government limited the plant’s domestic manufacturing.

So, other nations are in a better position where the cultivation of the plant is concerned. It has been cultivated in some parts of Europe for over 7 centuries.

The source is among the most significant things to consider when selecting a cannabidiol product. A different thing you have to think about is the elements of the plant cultivation process. American households commonly use natural food items and the ones that contain no genetically modified organism, and it should not be any different when it comes to cannabidiol. Every household should be using CBD products containing naturally occurring components.

This also means the product should ideally be a derivative of the hemp plant that is cultivated without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. The method used to extract cannabidiol to make it can tell a lot about a CBD product’s quality. Best CBD manufacturers use pure, naturally-occurring carbon dioxide to take out cannabidiol from hemp’s stalks, instead of any harmful solvent.

The CO2 method of extraction helps to retain every single naturally occurring useful molecule present in industrial hemp. Some businesses utilize the more affordable Rick Simpson method of extraction. It involves extracting the active chemical compounds from industrial hemp using petroleum solvents. As a result, the product will have harmful residues, and a much lower amount of cannabidiol than expected.

You might not be able to see information about extraction on a gas station cannabidiol product’s label. This makes it more important to select high quality cannabidiol products in place of the inferior ones.

Consistently Excellent CBD

Consistency is a different matter of concern when it comes to convenience store or corner store cannabidiol items. You might have used one of these products, and chances are it failed to meet your expectations formed on the basis of labeled information. The components in the cheap CBD product might not have been checked as part of the quality assurance (QA) process.

Customers also take a chance on the precision of labeled doses of corner store CBD candies or cheap CBD oil products. Unless you have access to a private lab that has checking facilities, you cannot determine what the real cannabidiol content is. A good thing with top quality products is that these come with the necessary paperwork that lets you verify their contents. This is not the case with inferior CBD goods.

The best brands take their CBD through testing measures at different stages. First, checking will be done after cannabidiol is extracted from industrial hemp. In the case of CBD sourced from abroad, retesting will be conducted after it reaches their US-based facility from that source nation. Testing will be performed for the time after it is turned into the final product.

Each test is vital to ensure that there is enough phytocannabinoid content in the end product, and that it has no contaminant. This process confirms that whenever one buys cannabidiol from the manufacturer behind the testing, they can be assured of its safety and reliability.

If this information is insufficient for you to confirm both aspects, then here are two more things to help you with it.

Laboratory Test Results

You can get CBD items from licensed dispensaries situated in US states that have legalized marijuana for medical purpose. The items will be checked to confirm that these have the claimed amount of ingredients. In places where it is illegal, producers must perform quality control (QA) on their own.

Many of the items traded on the internet do not have the same cannabidiol content as labeled. Instead, these have more or less amount of the phytocannabinoid than what is shown on the labels.

High-quality product manufactures publish documentation of lab test results on their website. Their products may carry a premium price tag, but they will be of better quality than the cheap items sold at some brick and mortar stores.

Seal of Approval

This is a different way to confirm whether an item is of top quality and is safe. This applies to even a corner store CBD product that you might be looking to purchase. A CBD item on an ecommerce store will have this approval seal. By looking for it, you will be able to steer clear of fake/adulterated/low-quality cannabidiol items.

The Hemp Authority’s Certification Program introduced in 2018 is meant to inform customers that the item they buy is legit, safe and of very good quality. The seal would be on the label in the event that product’s manufacturer meets the US Hemp Authority’s strict safety and quality criteria, besides clearing a third-party’s inspection. As per the data available at the time of writing this post, the organization has granted just 27 Certified Seals to cannabidiol and hemp product manufacturers.

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