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Diamonds are one of the spellbinding rarities in the world and there will be hardly any person who can resist its ultimate charm or does not wish to own one. Are you also planning to buy a diamond? Then, the main factor you would be looking while choosing one for will be its inimitable sparkle, which is also referred to as the diamond brilliance. Indeed, this incredible gleaming appeal is the main factor that makes diamonds stand out from the rest of the crowd. No wonder, the real beauty of diamonds depends on the light it attracts.

However, not every diamond is alike and so will be its brilliance. The major factor that contributes to the sparkle or brilliance of diamonds is its cut. While every diamond is cut to exhibit maximum luster, some diamond cuts tend to absorb more amount of light and sparkle to the fullest when compared to some other cuts. Now, you are most likely to be wondering about the diamond cut that exhibits the best brilliance. Well, it is not that simple to explain this aspect since many elements come to play in this case. In order to give you an insight into this topic, some of the interesting and valuable points are given below.

Things to Know about Diamond Sparkle

To understand which diamond cut boasts the best brilliance or sparkle, you must understand how and why a diamond exhibit shining flares of light and how this very factor makes particular diamond shapes outstanding. Without any doubt, the main element that contributes to the brilliance of diamonds apart from its astonishing crystal structure is the distribution and number of facets. On a related note, the facets are the flat structures cut into the surface of beautiful gemstones. You will be amazed to know that the diamond facets tend to act as mirrors that reflect or bounce light that enters the gemstone to offer that wonderful twinkle that sets diamonds apart from all other gemstones.

While some facets tend to reflect a fewer amount of white light, some cuts are designed to bounce maximum white light to showcase a magical glow. Usually, this type of facets will be more in number and relatively smaller. Other types of facets are mostly larger and acts like prisms reflecting the light that falls on it into multiple colors. In short, the more the number of facets in a gemstone, the more it will shine. Unsurprisingly, there are numerous diamond cuts that are particularly designed to optimize the coveted or sensational diamond brilliance that buyers embrace so dear.

The Diamond Shapes with the Best Brilliance

Diamond cuts are mainly divided into three types; brilliant cut, step cut, and mixed-cut. As the name indicates, brilliant-cut diamonds are designed to shine like a star and hence, it tends to boast a higher number of facets. Out of brilliant diamond cut options, the round brilliant cut is the most popular. In fact, round brilliant cut diamonds are the most brilliant choices in the field so far followed by the princess diamond cut. However, the former tend to be extremely expensive because of its popularity and captivating brilliance.

The diamond shapes that you may consider to get almost the same appeal but at a relatively cheaper price are radiant, oval, and marquise cut diamonds. It is worth noting that radiant cut diamond engagement rings are ruling the field these days. The main attraction of this non-traditional diamond cut is the perfect blend of the round brilliant cut and emerald cut. No wonder, radiant cut diamonds are also referred to as rectangular modified brilliant diamonds. Plus, radiant cut diamond rings are one of the cheapest options of its kind when it comes to per carat cost making it even more suitable for your engagement ring.

Other Factors That Affect the Brilliance of a Diamond

Facets are not the only element that contributes to the eye-catching brilliance of a diamond. Rather, the way a diamond is cut and the way facets are distributed or arranged will also affect its brilliance. One of the best diamond certification authorities in the United States, GIA (Gemological Institute of America), also reported that the appeal of a diamond tends to diminish if its facets are not organized properly, especially when it comes to spacing.

If the measurements of facets in a diamond are not intact or they are not evenly distributed, it tends to form dark areas within the stone ruining its appeal. Hence, to ensure that a maximum amount of light is reflected throughout a diamond, the diamond cutters tend to focus on even facet distribution and perfect measurements. Of course, it will be challenging for an unskilled person to review the cut quality or facet distribution of a gemstone. This explains the significance of the diamond grading report.

If your diamond boasts very good or excellent cut quality, it represents that your bauble features trivial to no dark areas and this, in turn, indicates that your diamond is inimitably brilliant. Check out the polish and symmetry of your gemstones as well to ensure the best diamond brilliance. Additionally, choose a ring setting that allows maximum amount of light to enter your glittering gemstone to enhance its overall sparkle. For instance, consider four-prong solitaire setting, halo setting, cathedral diamond ring setting, etc. If you would like to know more on diamond brilliance, you can get more info here.

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