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A Guide to Understand about Diamond Inclusions

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings
Diamond Inclusions Guide

The clarity of a diamond is of great importance along with the other three C’s namely color, carat weight, and cut. The quality of a diamond will largely depend on the clarity of the stone. The clarity of a diamond is determined based on the presence or absence of inclusions in it.

Diamond inclusions are the flaws that a diamond possesses. These flaws happen in the stone during its formation. There can be inclusions of different kinds. The most common type of inclusions, which are visible to the naked eye are small lines, cracks, dark spots, knots, or clouds. There can be many irregularities that happen during the formation of a diamond through the course of many years. There can be some air, which is captured inside the stone during its formation, and it will be visible in the form of bubbles. There can also be some cracks that happen inside the diamond during its formation.

A common misconception is that inclusions can happen even after the purchase of a diamond. However, the fact is that the inclusions do not appear suddenly in a diamond. All the inclusions that one can see in a diamond are the ones, which were present in them during the time of its formation. These inclusions are permanent ones. Nevertheless, there can be a possibility of the inclusions becoming more visible to the naked eye over time. This can happen because the dust particles, which get accumulated on the stone can block the light from entering the stone which in turn will reduce the sparkle of the diamond, and make the inclusions more visible.

There is no chance for a new inclusion to appear in the diamond. On the other hand, a strong blow on the diamond may cause it to get cracks. This can be easily differentiated from inclusion in the diamond. All these cracks and chips that happen because of the external force will be external and are not counted as inclusions.

The inclusions in a diamond can sometimes be an advantage as well. Each of the stones will have unique inclusions, and hence it can help identify your stone from among several stones. The diamond certificate that comes with the diamond will have the inclusions depicted clearly on it.

It is important to ensure the clarity of the diamond before you confirm the purchase. Also, be careful and attentive to clean the diamond regularly so that no dirt will make the inclusions visible clearly.

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