Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

A Note on Diamond Ring Settings

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings
Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Settings
Diamond Ring Settings

While choosing a diamond engagement ring, it is important to consider its ring settings. There are different types of diamond ring settings which give unique and classic looks to diamond rings. It is your choice to end up with a traditional setting or go for a modern setting. Whichever you choose, your diamond ring will be a reflection of your personality. In this article, let’s have a look at the different diamond ring settings.

Prong Setting

This is used for traditional rings. A prong is a metal claw which holds the diamond tightly in its position. Prongs can be rounded, V-shaped, pointed or flat. Usually, there will be 4 or 6 prongs. Prongs elevate the diamond which makes it noticeable. This setting suits a variety of diamond shapes and sizes.

Channel Setting

This setting is commonly used for wedding and anniversary rings. In this setting, diamonds are placed next to each other with no metals separating them. The metal outer ridge over the edges of stones protects the girdle area of diamonds and makes the exterior surface smoother. This ring setting is unlikely to snag on clothes and other materials.

Tension Setting

Here diamond is placed in its position by the pressure of ring metal. The setting appears to look like squeezing the stone. This setting offers a modern, unique appearance and requires less maintenance than a prong setting. A drawback of this setting is the huge resizing expenses.

Cathedral Setting

This is one of the most elegant and classic ring settings. As the name indicates, diamonds are held in this setting by metal arches which are similar to arches of a cathedral. Arches of the ring can add extra height to make the center stone look larger. Ring set in cathedral setting can snag on clothes, furniture or other materials.

Bar Setting

A bar setting is similar to a channel setting. Here diamonds are placed between two vertical metal bars. It offers better visibility of diamonds than channel setting as two sides of diamonds are kept exposed. It is less secure than channel setting and resizing will be expensive.

Bezel Setting

It is the second most popular ring setting. It is a good choice for people who lead an active busy life. It encircles the diamond with a thin metal rim instead of prongs. It does not snag on clothes and easy to maintain. While comparing with a prong setting, the brilliance of diamonds in a bezel setting can be very low.

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