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All You Need To Know About Asscher Cut Diamonds

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings
Asscher Cut Diamond Facts

Asscher cut engagement rings are meant for those who prefer to look stylish while displaying an element of vintage beauty. It stands out in the crowd and brings attention to the wearer. It also one of the most unique cuts and has been called the modern vintage cut.

The Asscher cut diamond was well accepted and admired widely in the Art Deco period. After the period, it walked away from fame. However, in the recent years, the Asscher cut has seen a resurgence in popularity. It is so rare that it can turn quite a few heads with its presence. Below is a discussion on the Asscher cut diamonds and their essential features.


The Asscher cut is characterized by a stunning sparkle. It has a square shape, and deep cropped corners. It is a step cut diamond and has a sophisticated and octagonal shape. The style reminds of vintage beauty accompanied by a modern update.

Recommendations to Buy the Ideal Asscher Cut Diamond

It is recommended to get a colored diamond of H grade or higher. For 1 carat diamonds, make sure you get diamonds of G grade or higher. When it comes to clarity, you can get a diamond of VS2 grade or higher. Note that it is better to choose VS1 grade or higher for diamonds weighing more than a carat. This is because flaws can be easily spotted in these cuts as compared to radiant cut engagement rings.

The suggested table percentage to get the maximum output of light performance is between 61% and 68%. Further, the suggested depth percentage is between 60% and 68%.

Asscher Cut and Similarity to Square Emerald

The asscher cut was initially created in the early 1900s. Back then, it was simply a square emerald that had 58 facets. However, with the addition of technology and further modifications, the asscher cut was updated. The latest Royal Asscher Cut was released in the 2000s with 74 facets to add more sparkle.

Once this diamond was created, it became the first ever diamond to be patented. The cut became popular and remained that way till World War II. However, the patent ended by the end of World War II.

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company took birth in order to revive the cut. Afterward, the new Royal Asscher cut was released in the early 2000s. This modern asscher cut has a worldwide exclusive patent. Besides, the true Royal Asscher cut diamond is released with an ID number and a logo, unlike the Radiant Cut diamond engagement rings.

The only difference between the Asscher cut and the emerald cut is that the latter has a flat top and an open table. The Asscher on the other hand, has a smaller table, a higher crown, a deeper pavilion, and larger step facets. These features make it more attractive than the emerald cut diamonds.

The Step Cut and its Unique Shine

Asscher cut is a step cut like the emerald cut. This means that it has rectangular facets parallel to its edges. This creates a visual effect of looking into a hall of mirrors. It may not have the usual sparkle of a brilliant cut, but it is rather enjoyed for its luster and beautiful cut.

Asscher cut diamonds are more brilliant than emeralds. These are the best choice for someone who loves the vintage looks more and wants a sparkly diamond.

Color and Clarity are Easily Revealed

The step cut diamonds are adorned with an open table, contrary to the multi-faceted surfaces of brilliant cut stones. This feature helps you to see till the bottom of the diamond. This implies that even the tiny flaws and colors are easily visible. Brilliant cut diamonds could escape with low clarity and color grades, as the light reflects off the facets and prevents the flaws from being noticed. This is not possible with step cuts. Hence, it is necessary to get a higher grade of clarity and color for these diamonds.

In case of Asscher cut diamonds with less than 1 carat weight, it is advisable to select a color grade of higher than H and a clarity grade higher than VS2. You can make adjustments according to your wish for diamonds above the weight of 1 carat.

GIA and AGS Do Not Assign a Cut Grade

The GIA and AGS do not provide grades to asscher cut diamonds. Therefore, there is no certification available for you to judge the diamonds. However, there are a few general recommendations for the dimensions which will help you make the right selection and get a diamond with great light performance. Choose diamonds with depth percentage between 60% and 68%, table percentage between 61% and 68%. Choose a length to width ratio between 1 and 1:04.

Asscher cut is known as the modern vintage cut and has an impressive range of features for you to select it for your dream engagement ring.

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