Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Clarity and Cut Quality of Radiant Cut Diamonds

Elongated radiant cut engagement rings

Radiant cut diamonds are the brightest among all existing diamond cuts, invented in 1977 with most modern cut and shape. The most modern cut is yet classy whether elongated or square shaped cut it will stand out from the crowd. The radiant cut diamonds give a unique look as engagement ring. It is a square cut pattern having a brilliant face-cut pattern applied to both face and pavilion creating vibrant and lively square diamond.

Evaluating Cut Quality in Radiant Cut Diamonds

For choosing a radiant cut diamond one should know about cut clarity and quality. Beauty of diamond comes from its cut. Since GIA or other gem labs don’t grade quality of radiant cut one should found it by yourself.

Shape Appeal

Like other fancy gem cuts the radiant cut diamonds get their look mainly from their cut. Avoid overly truncated corners as they may look off-shape.

Length to Width Ratio

Radiant cut diamonds come in wide variety of length to width ratio (L/W). In the case of square radiant, buyers prefer a L/W ratio of under 1.05 and a ratio between 1.5 to 1.35 for elongated shapes.

Bowtie Effect

Radiant cut diamonds have a bowtie region i.e. a dark band region across the center of the stone. Poorly cut diamonds have a dark bowtie but good cut diamonds will have a shine throughout the stone. A radiant cut diamond with a large bowtie isn’t worth your money.

Depth and Table

Total depth percentages and table ranges will help you to find the best radiant cut diamonds. For the best Quality search for diamonds with depth percentage ranges 61-67% and table of 61-69%.

Clarity Grades for Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds have immense brightness and light return effect low quality ones are difficult to spot. Good clarity ones can be found in sl1 and S12 clarity grades. Low budget ones can be found in l1 grades.

Color Grade for Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds go well with yellow or rose gold color settings. H or L color radiant cut diamond will appear white in the engagement ring setting. While some J and K color grades also give a good shine. Color of setting metal reflects in the diamond anyway.

Tips for Choosing Best Diamonds Online

For online purchase one should go through an of 360-degree view video of diamonds. For custom made settings one should consider a (L\W) of the diamond. Jewelry experts can help you to find a unique design with good cut and quality in your budget.

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