Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Fun Facts About Radiant Diamond Cut

Radiant Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring
Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The shape of a radiant-cut diamond may be rectangular or square, and it is rather new compared to several traditional options. However, its newness does not cause the gemstone to be a less trendy option in the jewelry market. It comes in several important pieces of jewelry as the main stone. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox revealed their radiant cut diamond engagement rings to photographers in public functions. Read on for some more interesting facts regarding the stone.

Henry Grossbard Invented It

Grossbard not only invented the radiant diamond cut, but he was also part of a company named after this rock. His objective was to make a hybrid diamond cutting perfect and cause it to be the industry standard for creating rectangular-shaped and square-shaped diamonds. Four decades ago, he made the creation of his as good as possible. It had much more brilliance as compared to diamonds having other angular cuts. It comes pretty close to surpassing the shine that the brilliant diamond cut produces.

The Cut Tends To Cause It To Appear Bigger Than Other-Shaped Diamonds

Often, the cut makes the rock look larger than diamond counterparts that have other shapes. Note that jewelery people tend to describe the latter diamonds having the same weight as the former rocks, with the word ‘counterparts’. Maximising the weight of this stone visually highlights it, unlike masking the characteristic under its surface. For your information, weight is among the many different characteristics to consider when buying any diamond.

It Has More Facets Than A Round Cut Diamond

There are 70 facets on the radiant cut stone, 12 more than the round-shaped rock. An expert lapidary trims the edges of it in a careful and distinctive manner. Despite having a relatively greater number of facets, it does not sparkle as much as the round cut stone. The latter is the sparkliest or most brilliant cut rock available in the market. It was important to mention that detail because many people assume that a higher number of facets result in sparklier diamonds.

It Is An Uncommon Option For Use As A Center Diamond

Radiant diamonds are usually put around or on the sides of other cut diamonds, to accentuate the latter rocks. However, people who have an uncommon taste in jewelry use it in the form of a centrepiece or solitaire. It is this uncommon shape that promoted several celebs to buy radiant cut solitaire engagement rings.

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