Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Most Attractive Rectangular Radiant Cut Ring Designs

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings
Radiant Cut Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Designs

A radiant cut promises refining beauty without comprising on the mesmerizing sparkle that it creates. They make the perfect blend of the sleek emerald cut and round brilliant cut. Radiant cut engagement rings are a popular choice among the present day brides since its inception 20 years back.

Along with the ranging brilliance, the radiant cut furthermore features the periodic smooth line that offers a striking tinge of vintage cut stones such as the Asscher and Emerald-cut inspired from the Art Deco style.

Pave Sapphire Setting

The spark of the cut is magnified with the dark blue hued paves with numerous sapphires set around the central radiant central stone. A white metal accentuates the whole look, without diminishing the sparkle of the ring. A neutral background is set among the intensity of the deep blue color of the sapphire stone with the presence of white gold or platinum.

Baguette Side Stone

The pattern of the radiant cut revives the beauty of the Art Deco period, with the mesmerizing presence of baguette cut diamonds. A vintage look of the 1920s can be due to the baguettes set alongside the central radiant cut diamond.

A Simple Solitaire

The real beauty of the single square-shaped radiant cut diamond can be enjoyed to its fullest when they set solely as a magnificent solitaire ring. Maximum brilliance will be highlighted once they are set in a lighter metal like that of platinum or white metal. Recently popular Rose Gold metal can also be paired up with rectangular radiant cuts to boosts off the stunning femininity.

Radiant Solitaire Ring with Cross Split Shank

The ring creates a modern twist with its cross split shank rather than the classic normal shank rings.  The twisted pattern on the attractive diamond branches gives a charming look to the radiant cut diamond set in the center, besides offering more intrigue on the solitaire setting. Moreover, they lighten up the sparkle of the central white stone to a greater magnitude. 

U- Prong Side Stones

Round brilliant cut diamonds are forming a line of U-Prong on either side of central radiant cut stone in this alluring ring. They provide a magnificent effect for the central stone, as they are set very elegantly in a closely packed manner. The setting in the prongs can be extended up to 5 for creating a splendid visual appeal. Here also, a white metal supports the intricate patterns adorned in the ring with U-Prong side stones.

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