Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Pippa Middleton-Inspired Square Diamond Engagement Ring Options

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Finance professional James Matthews gave his fiancée Pippa Middleton an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring. Like all square diamonds, the one with the Asscher cut is sure to stand out from a sea of round sparklers. If your fiancée would like to have a different ring, like Pippa, then a square diamond setting may be the right choice for her. Here are some of the options you may want to look at for her unique ring.

Radiant Cut Diamond

This is a diamond with a square shape, as well as corners trimmed for a much softer appearance. It is a cross between the emerald, princess and round brilliant diamond cuts. There are 70 facets in radiant cut diamond engagement ring settings, many of which reflect each other to make it look like the stone has more facets.

Do you find it difficult to choose between a step diamond cut and a brilliant one? If yes, you might want to go for one of the radiant cut diamond engagement rings available in the market. Why? Because it would be the best compromise offering the best features of the two cut diamonds mentioned above.

Princess-Cut Diamond

This is a squarish version of the best-known engagement ring diamond cut nicknamed the round brilliant. It resembles a pyramid and has 4 beveled sides that maximize the stone’s brilliance and causes it to be the right shape for solitaire settings. The extra diamond facets disperse a greater amount of sunlight through the gem, thus helping to hide any of its internal flaws.

Carré Cut

This is the most typical square diamond featuring 90-degree angles and a big top facet. It tends to feature in antique jewelry made before the modern diamond princess cut came.

If there are any imperfections in the stone, its step-like facets would draw attention to those inclusions. Therefore, only the gemstones with the maximum clarity and quality best suit this shape. The sparkle may be less lively as compared to an Asscher or princess cut diamond, but it has a refined beauty like the emerald diamond cut.

Why People Go For A Square Diamond-Set Engagement Ring

A square diamond has eye-catchy symmetrical proportions, which make the stone bigger as compared to its circular counterparts. It often offers a better bang for the buck because it only takes cutting fewer portions of the rough stone to achieve the shape.

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