Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Selecting A Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant Cut Stones
Radiant Cut Stones
Radiant Cut Stones

Picking from a good number of different diamond cuts can be hard at the best of times. For this very reason, many people choose to blaze their own trail when picking out a style, cut, and setting for their diamond jewelry. At the end of the day, it’s about making your ring stand apart from a hundred others, and nothing can get you the same effect as picking a radiant cut diamond.

What Is The Radiant Cut?

A diamond cut in the radiant shape has eight sides for the outline, and is generally a rectangular or square stone that has cut corners. This style was patented back in the late ‘70s by Henry Grossbard, but there have been many replications made since the lapse of the patent. The radiant cut mixes step cut facets placed on the crown of the stone, with brilliant cut facets placed on the pavilion. The angular shape of the stone gives it the pizzazz needed to rival both brilliant cut and emerald cut gems. Unlike the latter which only favours those stones which have above par clarity, the radiant cut forgives most inclusions, which is why the consumer is left with a wider range of clarity options.

What To Look For

When picking a diamond cut in the radiant shape, it is best to lean towards parallel sides and a centered culet. Uneven corners are a strict no-no, and so are overly wide or narrow ones. When it comes to the proportion side of things, like other fancy shapes, the radiant allows a wide range of choice. GIA’s research into cut qualities of round brilliants has shown that there are different proportion combinations which can give you a round brilliant and the same holds true for radiant cut stones as well. At any rate, it serves best to see the diamond beforehand before you make a decision.

Popular Setting Styles

The presence of side stones can serve as a good complement to radiant cut stones. Such stones also look their very best when mounted amid a prong setting. They make for incredibly beautiful solitaires as well, especially if one is looking to show off distinctive cut quality. Some people choose to go with side stones fashioned in the trilliant or rectangular shape. Celebrity tennis champion Anna Kournikova, for instance, owns an engagement ring with a yellow radiant cut diamond at its center, flanked and accented by two colorless diamonds shaped in the trillion cut.

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