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The 4c’s Of Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
Radiant Cut Engagement Rings
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Radiant cut diamonds were formed to combine the best qualities of three other diamond cuts, namely- Round brilliant, Ascher, and Emerald cut. Since the radiant cut diamonds have these elegant features, people love this cut and buy them with utmost love.

However, it is necessary to know the features and certification of a diamond before it is bought. Just because a diamond appears beautiful on the outside, does not mean that it is a genuine diamond. Here are the 4 C’s of a radiant cut diamond, which you must know before you proceed to buy the same.

Cut Quality

It is the cut of a diamond, which largely determines the sparkling capacity of the diamond. The GIA though they have given a cut grade for the round brilliant cut diamonds, do not grade the radiant cut diamonds in this way. However, there are certain things if noted can help you in choosing the ideal radiant cut diamond for you.

The first important thing to note is the length/width ratio of the stone. You can either prefer a square- shaped stone or a rectangle shaped stone. A radiant cut diamond with a length/width ratio of 1:1 will be a perfect square cut diamond. Keep in mind that the bow tie effect on the diamond will be very high as it becomes more rectangular.

The table percentage is also important when understanding the cut quality of the radiant diamond. The large flat area on the top of the diamond is called the table. The table percentage of the stone should be in balance with the other proportions because it regulates the amount of light that enters the diamond. A table percentage of 64-74 will be ideal for a radiant cut diamond.

The depth percentage which is the ratio of depth to width of the diamond is also important. The stone should not be too tall to allow the light to leak out through the bottom. It should not be too shallow as well or else the light will be reflected in wrong angles.


You are at a great advantage in choosing the color grade for the radiant cut diamond. Since the diamond has facets, cut brilliantly, it is okay for you to go for a lower color grade. You can have a beautiful radiant cut diamond at the color grade of H, in which you will have a white diamond without any shade of yellow in it. It is good for you to go for a higher color grade of E, but since the difference between these color grades is very small, there will not be much difference in the appearance of a radiant diamond with H color grade and one with E color grade. If you choose to have the warmer tones on your diamond, you can go for a color grade lower than H.


People and often the jewelers as well think that the clarity of a diamond determines the outward look of the diamond. It is because of the wrong understanding of the word clarity that they have. The clarity of the diamond makes very little effect on the appearance of a diamond.

When purchasing a radiant cut diamond, you should inspect the diamond and if it appears to be eye-clean, you can choose the diamond of SI1 clarity. It is possible for the SI2 stones also to look eye-clean because the wonderful sparkle of the stone will cover up the flaws inside the stone. If you are not in a position to inspect the individual stone you are intending to buy, you can settle for a stone with VS2 clarity. You may also choose to buy a stone of higher clarity grade, but the stone will not have any difference in its appearance from the VS2 clarity stone.

Carat Weight

It is something people usually give much importance to, while purchasing diamonds. They are not ready to make compromises regarding the carat weight, even if they do that on other features of the diamond. There is not always a direct relationship between the carat weight and the visible size of a diamond. The weight of a diamond is mostly carried in its bottom part, which will usually be hidden inside the girdle. Keep in mind that the increase in carat weight may not necessarily mean an increase in the size of the diamond.

While selecting your radiant cut diamond, it will be in your best interest to look for a stone, which sparkles brightly. You need to take all the 4 C’s into consideration while making your final decision.

It is also equally important to ensure that you are purchasing a certified diamond. The stone should be examined and graded by a reputed gemological laboratory. GIA is the most trusted and famous diamond-certifying laboratory. The GIA certificate will have the features of the diamond described in detail and a unique report number.

If you have a fair idea on the 4C’s and certification of the radiant cut diamond, you may go further in purchasing your ideal one.

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