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Tips for Proposing in the Holiday Season

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Engagement Ring Tips

Thanksgiving marks the start of the US holiday season, which sees couples get engaged more than any other months. If you are planning to pop the question about this time of the year, you would better read these tips before proposing her.

Buy an Engagement Ring in Advance

Do not wait until the December month to shop for an engagement ring. As you would know, shopping is one of the common activities around this time. This means stores will be crowded with frantic customers, and salespeople will be very busy and even stressed out. It is no great setting to be making a significant life decision. Search for a ring in fall – that way, you will have sufficient time to not just find the right piece, but also make modifications if any.

Involve your Family Members

Do it if she would not like a private proposal. Holidays are all about spending time with your near and dear ones, so a proposal involving them will be memorable. Whether they are gathered to watch the proposal unfold in person or congratulate you after it, there is no better way to start the celebrations. Besides, it is convenient, because they will be present in the same spot anyway.

Traveling to Her? Put the Engagement Ring in your Hand Luggage

If you are traveling to spend the holiday months with your valentine, then plan the carrying of the ring carefully. Avoid packing it inside your checked luggage – no one wants a missing suitcase at Christmas, particularly one with a precious gemstone inside. Keep the piece in a zipped pocket inside your carry-on, or in a box or sock. Be careful when you take things out of your bag in the airport or during the flight, in case the ring falls out with you not realizing. If customs officials come to search your carry-on, try telling them discreetly regarding the ring inside, and take the paperwork with it just in case.

Plan a Festive Proposal

Which one sounds like a better idea in December: an ordinary marriage proposal or a festive one? You should make it festive. Find a dusting of new snow, some twinkly lights, and have mulled wine set to pour, and ask that important question by a Christmas tree. Put the ring in a Christmas stocking on her fireplace or hang it on a branch of the tree, or wrap it up for opening on Christmas. You could hide it inside an advent calendar on Christmas Eve for her to find it for herself. There are several ways to add some more pizzazz, and it would be a real shame not to.

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